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ok, i havnt u[dated becausee i had this really bad stomahc bug that i caught in the jungle. i was vomiting. it reay sucked. we are now in Bangkok, after spending some time in Phuket, at a resort which i have no idea how we could afford. its mosquito-y. the hotel.....has a cool lobby. but besides that, is very.......basic. im gonna buy some bootlegged dvds.
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yesterday we went to the Singapore zoo. it was so cool. i loved the tapirs. it was a really good zoo. ill post pictures when i get back. we are going back to Kuala Lumper today. i want to go back to boston.
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mk i feel like a shitbag for not ubdating but im not gonna recall everthing from the past few weeks, so bullet points.


host family turned out awsome
built lots of models
went to an awsome fireworks festivel
sad goodbye

moved to kyoto
way to touristy
saw harry potter 5 and bought book 7. almost half way through it. i havn't been reading it consistantly.

went to tokyo
last minute shopping
sad goodbye

returned to LA
bought some cool shoes

flew back to hong kong

then transferred o Kuala Lumpur

ive been a total douche the past few days because of the amount of flying ive had to do. i think my parents got the message that i was upset with the shitty flight plan.

ok, so we're staying with some friends. who happen to be very rich asians. they have 5 cars. one is a van. one is a BMW. 1 are porsches. they have a working staff. they are very nice. there are a lot of Muslim people here. its neat because every few hours you here he prayer. its cool. we're going to Malaka tommorow, for 4 days. this is our 2nd night in Malaysia, just to give you some sort of idea of time passage.
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Today we went to the cityof Naruto. Naruto means swirl or spiral, so its famous for its whirl pools. cool fact, the fish cakes in ramen are called Naruto too because they have little swirls. thats where the anime character got its name. we visited some shrines an temples. there were bigass coy fish.

the cleaning lady called me beautiful today, but then our guide for tokushinma told me i didnt need to eat anything because i was fat enough not to have too.
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mk, ao, you knoq the feeling of embaressment that you get when you reaklized youve had intene foot in mouth syndrome and jackassy behaviour w/o realizing it? yeah weell....thats me right now and im mortified and feel like a jack ass. :(:(:(:(
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There has been very scarce internet, and when there has been it's always been expensive and i dont have that kind of blinga. mk so its fun.and i spend too much $$$chingching. some of the girls on this trip can be very.....high strung. they are sum rreaaaaaaaael sistas sometimes, y'all. tokyo was cool, we stayed in a traditional style hotel and whatnot. we got to Tokushima today. its so....rural. but we each get our own hotel rooms. its cool.

mom, can you forget all about my livejournal password and username because im not really comfortable with you being on there. not becausethere is anything bad, it just a little weird.


allie bb i miss you--------
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Hey you guys.  I got into LA a few hours, at about 11, which was around 2 in Boston time.  We have just been chilling in our hotel watching movies and watig food.  LA is really hazy and gross because of the smog.  More later...

Dad's being sort of a cranky bitch...

Current Mood: pissed off pissed off

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